Rachael Higgins

“This is a picture of my super white and spotless China at the show after being washed in Safecare shampoo – don’t get any whiter than this!! Thankyou!!” – Rachael Higgins

Rachel Fleming

“I would like to recommend the Safecare products – my Section B suffers from very sensitive and itchy skin, I’ve used the Tail ‘n’ Mane , Total Body Wash and the Rapid Relief for when he was very itchy and they’ve really help soothe his skin and help me keep away from products with any chemicals in them which could upset his skin. I’m hoping we can continue to use these products and keep his skin happy and healthy and itch free!” – Rachel Fleming

Jo Allenby

“Just to say how amazing your products are. This is my mud monster Gypsy Vanner called Eddieson after using your shampoos. I use the mane and tail shampoo on his feathers and the total body wash on his body. Also would like to say the fly spray is the best I’ve ever used, lasts for ages and really keeps the flies & midges away.” – Jo Allenby, Ripon, North Yorkshire

Brodie Carter

“My horse is called Capercaillie and she is a Connemara X. I bought the Mane ‘n’ Tail, the Total Body Wash and the Show ‘n’ Shine. I cannot fault the products I purchased one single bit, it brought my horse up amazingly showing up colours and markings I’ve never seen before on her!! At shows I have so many people commenting on how clean, shiny and soft she is! With your FANTASTIC products we’ve been sparkly at every show we go to. LOVE LOVE LOVE Thank you!!” – Brodie Carter, Elgin, Scotland

Poppy Pearl

“I recently purchased your show pack and it has shown me the good quality attitude that you have toward your products. I will be buying another pack for my horse, Jess soon as it worked a treat. An excellent product range, thank you.” – Poppy Pearl, West Wales

Meg James

“I would like to say how amazing your total body wash is! It cleaned my GREY mare Pearl, up shiny and it worked a treat! I wasn’t expecting it to get rid of stains (grass) but it removed them with ease! I would rate your products 4.5/5” – Meg James, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Emma and Livvy Logan

“We bought your show pack for our very dirty grey horse Reggie. We put it to the test the night before my daughter took part in a pony club area dressage competition, so it was important that he looked good. We followed your instructions and couldn’t believe how fabulous he looked after just one wash, we usually have to shampoo him 3 or 4 times to get him clean, but with your product he was gleaming white after the first wash. We wouldn’t use anything on him now. So thank you very much, we would definitely recommend your products to friends (and do regularly!)” – Emma and Livvy Logan