Safe-Care celebrates the launch of Equi-Faeries

So, last year, after seeing some fun equine-themed interiors on Pinterest we decided to dabble in a few bits and bobs just for fun. A Fairy Door caught our eye that was made with a horseshoe, and knowing how popular these are at the moment we did a bit of research. We couldn’t find anyone in the UK selling equine-themed fairy doors so we set about coming up with a design and colour range. We did a soft launch at Your Horse Live in November 2016 and we sold out! We shifted up a gear and got 120 more ready for Olympia 2016 and off we trotted to give them another public outing. Again, we sold out fairly early on in the week and wished we had made more!

We’ve a few retailers who wanted in and we’ve been busy getting more ready to launch on our web shop for eager customers!

They’re made from real horseshoes and marine-ply and come in a range of colours. There’s a small hole on the back so you can fasten it to a skirting board or inside a barn, tucked away in the corner.

We’re very proud of our little doors and are genuinely touched by the amazing feedback we’ve had from customers who bought them at shows. Why not get your hands on one now – available on our web-shop at just £17.99.


Suitable for children and grown ups!ALL.Colours.Nine