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Safe-Care are proud to work with leading equestrians and they are so happy with our products they’re joining us to shout about it. Here you can find out about Paul Beecher, showjumper extraordinare talking about his Hickstead win and his brilliant horses; our partnership with Lucinda Fredericks, International Eventer and up-coming super-star Becci Leigh Harrold and her rise in the tough world of eventing.

October, 2014

Safe-Care are proud to announce that we’re official suppliers to the famous Pearl of Peace – the first double pearl Andalusian to be born in the UK. Over the coming year we’ll be telling you more about the partnership and sharing lots more pictures of this beautiful stallion.

Er, if you think I’m gonna stand still when you turn that hose on you’re in for a surprise!

We gave him a good lather and his coat came up a treat, but he was a little wary of the water as most youngsters are. We think you’ll agree that this is one stunning fellow!


View the Pearl of Peace website.

Paul Beecher Interview – November 2014


Paul Beecher, Hickstead winner 2012 and owner of Loughnatousa Stud in Ireland is a fan of Safecare products.

Q: You won the Hickstead Derby in 2012 – was that the best moment of your life in the saddle?

A: Yes, winning the Hickstead Derby was without doubt the highlight of my career so far.

Q: Which fence do you remember most in that final round and why?

A: The Devils Dyke was the most memorable fence on the course for me, this fence has to be ridden with great respect because if you get there too soon you will have the top rail on the way in down, and if you get there too quite you will struggle to leave the 3rd part of the dyke in the cups. I was very fortunate that Loughnatousa W.B. was in the form of his life and when I was ten strides away from the dyke he backed up perfectly for me and jumped it at his ease.

Q: What comes next for you – what’s your goal?

A: My next major goal will be to jump in the 2020 Olympics, I have hand-picked two horses that I think will hopefully fulfil my goal. For the year coming, I have three 6yr old horses which will be 7 next year are  stepping up to grand prix level so I’m also hoping for some good results in the grand prix’s next year with them.

Q: How many horses do you ride regularly (either sporting or pleasure?)

A: I ride anything from 8 to 12 horses a day, depending on what work the horses are getting.

Q: Do you have a favourite steed in the yard?

A: My favourite horse would be Cruising Star stable name Bonnie she is a six year old mare who joined the team twelve months ago and I think she has the ability to jump at the highest level. Reason why she is my favourite horse is because when she arrived she was quite a timid horse and the more she does the more ability she shows, and if I was to describe her in human terms I would say that she is a feisty female but get her on your side and there will be nothing get in your way.

Q: What was your first pony? (Breed, name, size, character)

A: My first pony was called “Teddy” he was 12.0hh he was every child’s dream pony – I started hunting on him when I was four. My first jumping pony was Loughnatousa Champ aka “Tommy”. I started jumping him when I was six and he helped me go into the history books at the Royal Dublin Horse Show – a record which still stands to today as being the youngest rider to ever jump at Dublin at the age of seven jumping a course at 1metre 10.

Q: You most likely have people to groom for you when you’re competing but do you still enjoy the stable duties when you’re at home?

A: I do enjoy doing stable duties, I think it’s very important to have good relationship with your horses both in and out of the saddle and doing yard duties helps you bond even more with your horse.

Q: How important is it to have a clean horse in international competitions?

A: I think it’s very important to have your horse turned out properly and looking their best, because the cleaner and more feel good factor your horse has the better he is going to perform.

Q: Which is your favourite Safe-Care product and why?

A: My favourite Safe-care product by a small margin only because I’m a big fan of all the Safe-care products, is Total Body Wash. This is my favourite because it delivers fantastic results time after time and it leaves my horses looking and feeling clean and fresh.


Becci Leigh-Harold Interview – November 2014


Q: You’re not from a horsey family – how did you get into riding?

A: I started riding at the age of 9 at my local riding club and immediately became hooked. It wasn’t long before I was begging my parents for my first pony, but first I had to prove that this wasn’t just a passing phase and would be something I would stick at. I remember on my first lesson my pony was really naughty and bucked a few times I managed to stay on although was very traumatised at the time I think the fact I asked to go back my mum new I wasn’t going to be put off easily!!

Q: You’re well on your way in the world of eventing but what has been your highlight so far?

A: It’s hard to pick just one highlight, I have had one with every horse I have had really. With Pokeys Puzzle it has to be completing my first CCI* at Osberton coming 35/115. I never thought I would get to that level when I first started out eventing. With Candy Blue it was winning my first BE Novice on a dressage of 23.5 and being selected for the Team GB 2* European eventing training and selection days. With my current horse My Harlequin Lady is has to be completing the 6yo Young Horse Championships at Osberton against all the best riders in the world.

Q: What’s the ultimate goal for you?

A: I would love to represent my country in the 2* eventing team so I will definitely be applying for this with Lady.

Q: What event riders did you admire growing up?

A: I always used to love Phoebe Buckleys eventing videos, they really showed the true ups and downs and how to deal with them, but I love reading all the event riders biographers especially Pippa Funnell.

Q: Tell us a bit about your horses?

A: My Harlequin Lady is a 16.2hh Irish sports horse 6yo mare, I have had her since a 3yo and produced her myself up the levels in eventing. Last year she completed the 6yo YH championships. Lady is such a honest brave horse with a fantastic jump. She is very careful in front and always gives you 110%.

Shannondale Annie is a 16hh Irish Sports horse 4yo mare. I bought her as a 3yo and have done the British Eventing age classes and BYEH classes. She has been placed in the top 10 nearly every time out and will be aimed at the 5yo qualifiers next year. Annie is very sensitive but really trusting. She has come on so quickly and loves jumping!

Q: What was your first pony?

A: My first pony was a cheeky section B chestnut gelding from Chesterfield called Chester! He was so switched on and taught me so much, mainly how to stay on!! I have never hit the ground so many times.

Q: What’s your favourite and worst stable duty?

A: Worst has got to be mucking out, I would much prefer to spend that time in the saddle instead! Favourite has to be grooming, I love making my horse look gorgeous and using Safe-Care products to help.

Q: How important is it to have a clean shiny horse when you’re competing?

A: Very important, especially when competing all our horses are groomed to a high standard with Safe-Care products to make the best first impression in the ring.

Q: Tell us what’s in your emergency grooming kit on event days?

A: I just have 1 big grooming kit full of everything you could ever need from first aid, plasters, bandages, tweezers etc to Safe-Care products and coloured xc boot tape! It’s like Mary Poppins hangbag!

Q: Which is your favourite Safe-Care product and why?

A: It has to be the Total Body Wash –  such a fantastic product, It can be used anywhere on the horse and should be in everyone’s grooming kit. Perfect for horses with sensitive skin and removes the biggest and toughest of stains!

Lucinda Fredericks – Sponsorship

Safe-Care Equine is delighted to announce a new sponsorship with championship event rider, Lucinda Fredericks.

Lucinda (born Lucinda Murray, 28 September 1965) is a champion equestrian sportswoman competing at the highest levels of equestrian eventing. She currently rides for Australia and has a daughter, Ellie, they live near Devizes, Wiltshire. Lucinda has competed at two Olympic Games, Beijing 2008 and London 2012, winning a silver medal in the team event in Beijing. She loves the Safe-Care range and says:

“I am really grateful to have been introduced to these products and I am really excited to have entered into a new sponsorship agreement with Safe-Care Equine, I look forward to sharing my experiences and for people to see the results for themselves from these products.”